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I take commissions (both for independent clients or companies and publishers).
Please make sure to contact me at least a month prior to any deadline you have. My works take a few weeks to be fully finished – sometimes longer – depending on how busy my schedule is. Which I’m able to communicate upon your contact. All payments are done securely through PayPal with 50% payed in advance and the other 50% upon finishing the image. I’m currently not accepting any other way of payment. Price will depend on the work and idea so please make sure you include the idea and as many details as you can about the work you’d like me to do, when you contact me. Each work is particular, different, and needs a different time frame to be finished. Also please keep in mind that it’s your idea and concept, so I do not take responsibility for your bad choices or bad ideas upon finishing the image, unless it’s a case in which you give me full creative control over the work you need to have done. Once the idea and concept are finalized I will make a draft of your artwork and send it to you. If you’re not pleased with it, I will refund the money and not move forward. Once we move forward, I will deliver the finished image in the time frame I previously communicated. Once the artwork is finished I will send it to you – watermarked – and once you revise it and the last 50% of the amount is payed I will send the artwork without any watermark. I do not charge extra fees for minor tweaks or changes to the original idea. But if the changes require a large amount of work, or completely alter the work and concept, some fees might be applicable.

I won’t accept works that include concepts such as:
sexual explicit concepts
extreme violence
or anything depicting any type of racism/hate.

For any other questions or concerns feel free to contact me!